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Our new dive center

Greetings, Would like to inform friends & students, our Kids Scuba Dive center office has shifted to Tropicana Heights Kajang Recreational Club effective from April 01, 2018 Operation hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-12pm and 3-5pm. PADI Dive courses are also available at Tropicana Golf and Country club Damansara swimming pool and it is for golf club members only.



Kids Scuba Diveheart Program

Kids Scuba Diveheart will be Featured in Malaysia TV2 Kids Program called Myscrapbook. The Recording was shot at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club Swimming pool with Kiara Dive Center



Diving for the visually impaired



A Day of Sharing

Asalamualaikum, Greetings & Good Morning. Kids Scuba Will be Conducting our Orphan Youth Program/ Belia Anak Yatim PADI Open Water Diver Course 2017 for youth aged 18-20 years old. The Program starting January 2017 will be fully Sponsored. Please contact Hj Syed 0193176705 or Puan Nadia 0192176705 for any Interested Candidate. Note: Kids Scuba T&C Applies.



Throwback on our Kids Scuba camp Featured in TV3 kids show

Kids Scuba Camp Mabul Sipadan video footage will be featured in TV3 kids show Bananana on Saturday Jan 26 at 10.28am and on Sunday Jan 27 at 10.58am. Recording at Kids Scuba outlet with the Host, Producer & Cameraman. — with Tuan Mohamad Hafis and Farhana Rahmat at Putra Heights.



Get into the Groove, Special Promotions for School Leavers



Join our Kids Scuba Pool Swimming & Scuba Class at Maybank Training Academy pool in Bangi on Saturdays.

Maybank Training Centre

Swimming class from 8 -9am & 9-10am @Rm30 per pax, 30mins - Scuba Tryout Rm50 per pax Scuba Discovery course from 10am-1pm, @RM150 per pax, full Scuba equipments & Refreshments provided. Interested, Please call/ sms/contact Syed 0193176705 or Nadia 0192176705



A Day For Sharing with Orphanage Kids and Youth

A Day For Sharing with OrphansEvery Year Kids Scuba, a PADI 5 Star Dive Center  will host an event to share their water experience with Kids, Teenagers and Youth from Orphanage Homes in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. The event was held at the Maybank Training Academy swimming pool in Bangi, about 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. Recently Kids Scuba hosted 46 underprivileged kids, teens and youth from two orphanage homes for a one day pool water experience titled “A Day for Sharing” involving education on marine environment, swimming, snorkeling and Scuba Discovery for the little kids, teens and youth participants.

An introduction towards the “A Day for Sharing” with Kids Scuba was held by Hj. Syed Abd Rahman, the founder and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer introducing the Kids Scuba Team and instructors to the kids, teens and the teachers in attending the program. The participants were hosted with local breakfast, and were split into four groups which were carefully planned for them to learn on the marine environment, basic swimming, and snorkeling experience and discover scuba diving under the dedicated professional instructors and dive masters from Kids Scuba.

During the program the groups are rotated within the four activities so everyone would be able to learn, enjoy and experience the water session planned for them. After a successful four hours water session for everyone, we saw smiling faces and gleam in their eyes as they  share their water session and underwater breathing  experience during  the lunch session  with the Instructors and dive masters.

The kids scuba “A Day for Sharing” pool program ended with a group photo session with the team followed by a presentation of certificate to everyone with a souvenirs of Backpack full of basic school necessity for the lovely kids, teens and youth, The teachers and coordinators from each homes was also being presented with gifts for their Orphanage homes specially from Kids Scuba.

A Day For Sharing with OrphansA Day For Sharing with Orphans


Moving forward after the orphanages program, four orphan Youth boys ages 18 – 21 years old was specially selected for a special program in educating and training them for the Zero to Hero program from PADI open water divers to Dive master. Mr Fadhel, Shakir Ashraff, Daniel and Kamal was selected and trained by Kids Scuba dive team under the direct supervision of Hj Syed during the weekly pool scuba session for their confined water session. With the support from PADI, the four boys sat and completed their knowledge review, quiz and exam before their island trip to Tioman island at the end of March 2015.A Day For Sharing with OrphansA Day For Sharing with Orphans

A Day For Sharing with OrphansDuring the Open water dive trip with the youth, our kids scuba team dived with B & J Diving Center, a PADI 5 Star, IDC center in Kg Salang Tioman. The boys was exposed with shore/ jetty dives at the Salang Jetty and followed by boat dives to Soyak and Renggis Island at the Tioman Island Marine Park assisted by our DM Mr.  Khairul Azizi.

After a 3d/2n dive trip for the boys, the final night saw the graduation for the boys after receiving their PADI Open Water certificate and Temp card in successfully completing their PADI Open Water Diver course. Our Congratulations for their achievement, Next trip for the boys will be Tenggol Island in Terengganu for their Advanced Open Water Course.

We would like to thank you everyone that “A Day for Sharing“ program together with the PADI Open Water Diver course for the boys was made successful with the support and assistance from close and caring friends together with students of Kids Scuba, our dedicated Instructors and Dive masters,  Fastrack,  Salang Pusaka Resort with B & J Diving Center, a PADI 5 star IDC Center in Tioman Island and PADI Asia Pacific Office.



Kids Scuba camp @ Borneo Reef World KK from December 05-08, 2014.

This year camp will be held at Borneo Reef World pontoon in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Scuba diving excursions will be around the Mamutik, Sapi and Manukan Islands at TAR Marine Park Kota Kinabalu.

For Kids Scuba Camp bookings and inquiries, please contact Nadia at +60192176705 or e mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . There will be lots of activities for the whole family, Divers & Non divers during the 4d/3n program, lots of exciting prizes and dive equipments to be won during the event.



Festive Greetings from all of us

Kami di Kids Scuba sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1435H. Maaf zahir dan batin.



Available Courses














A Congratulatory and Appreciation Note from Tourism Malaysia, 9th June 2014













Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education Award 2014

During the visit to PADI Asia Pacific office at French Forest, Sydney Australia on May 27, 2014 we had the opportunity to meet with Mr Danny Dwyer , Senior Director Sales & Marketing, Mr Henrik Nimb, Vice President, Marketing, Education & Business Development and Mr Mike Holme, Director Training & Quality Management. Kids Scuba was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education Award 2014" and the Presentation was held at the PADI Asia Pacific Boardroom.

During the visit to the PADI office we had the opportunity to meet with the staff from the Marketing , Sales, Certification, Training, Business Development and Quality department.

If you happened to be passing through Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA over the past month, chances are you would have seen TV footage of four PADI Junior Open Water Scuba Diver students from Kids Scuba, Malaysia, filmed during Mabul World Turtle Day 2013.

The kids are shown scuba diving with the turtles and receiving their PADI Junior Open Water certificates presented by the Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah, YB Datuk Pang Yuk Ming during the official launch of Mabul World Turtle Day 2013.

The short film was aired on all KLIA TV screens throughout the airport during April and May 2014.

Regional News, Asia Pacific
Click here to view the Video



PADI Junior Open Water Diver students graduate during Opening of Mabul World Turtle Day 2013 - Mabul Island Sabah, Malaysia.

Four PADI Junior Open Water students from PADI Dive Centre, Kids Scuba received their PADI Certificates from the Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Sabah, YB Datuk Pang Yuk Ming during the official launch of Mabul World Turtle Day 2013.

The Mabul World Turtle Day program held in Mabul Island was in collaboration with Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI) of University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in conjunction with World Turtle Day 2013 from May 22-24.

The four PADI Junior Open Water Divers - Danial Hafiz, Nur Qamarina, Nur Ainahand Najwa Amni were specially trained in Mabul Island by Syed Abd Rahman, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer from Kids Scuba and his team. Their training took place three days prior to the Mabul World Turtle Day program so the kids could witness the underwater turtle catching and tagging process for scientific research.

The program also involved other scuba diver volunteers working to catch, photograph, and measure and tag the resident turtles found in the waters of the renowned island off Semporna, Sabah. Special celebrity guest Dato Seri MichelleYeoh also assisted in the program with the kids.

Syed Abd Rahman, PADI MSDT and Director of Kids Scuba, explains “The objective of this event - involving the PADI Junior Open Water Divers - is to create public awareness, while enhancing education, research and conservation of the sea turtle population in the waters of Mabul.”

The program was made possible with several partners, namely - Uncle Chang’s Resort, 1 Borneo Ballroom Sdn Bhd, Kids Scuba, PADI Asia Pacific, Borneo Divers Mabul Resort and The Borneo Connections Sdn Bhd.



PADI Seal Team Diving at Kids Scuba Camp Mabul, Sipadan in Sabah 2012 - 3 new members join the PADI ‘Master’ Seal Team (December 2012, source: www.padi.com)

A team from Kids Scuba - a PADI Dive Centre in Malaysia - had a wonderful time at the annual Kids Scuba Camp held at Borneo Divers Mabul Resort, Sabah, Malaysia  from 7 – 11 December, 2012.

kidsscuba camp mabul 2012The group of 12 children who attended the Camp were a mix of PADI Seal Team members and Junior

Open Water students between the ages of 9 to 16.

A team of 5 PADI dive professionals and instructors from Kids Scuba and Borneo Divers assisted the kids on their dives with the Seal Team Kids allocated in groups of 2 to each instructor.

A well organised function, Kids Scuba Camp Mabul Sipadan 2012 was coordinated with the support and cooperation from Borneo Divers Mabul Resort, PADI Asia Pacific, Tourism Malaysia, SportDiving Magazine, DiveLog Australasia and A & L Adventure & Leisure Sdn. Bhd.

Departing from the picturesque Borneo Divers Resort jetty, one of the pioneer resorts in Mabul Island, Sabah, the speed boat with the kids, their instructors and parents passed by Mabul Village in sparkling calm seas during the 30 minutes journey to renown Sipadan Island, Sabah.

Approaching Sipadan Island on the turquoise, calm blue waters, the scenery is breathtaking and a promise of things to come. Arriving at the jetty built by Sabah Parks Authority on Sipadan Island, the first impression is one of peace, tranquility and a balanced eco-system of natural marine environment and beauty.

Back to the adventure!  On arrival at the Sipadan jetty, one of the kids saw a lone 4ft Barracuda relaxing in shallow water beneath the jetty. It was a truly amazing moment for them all to come face to face with a real barracuda at the shore line. Following that, the kids went straight to the beach to enjoy the turquoise blue waters of the Island.

kids divingSipadan boasts a tremendous diversity of marine life which lives in harmony within the coral and clownfish colony.

It’s a reminder of how we human beings in modern civilizations should reside and practice in our everyday lives.  It was the first time ever that the Kids Scuba Camp participants and PADI Seal Team Kids got to view and enjoy the healthy marine life of Sipadan Island, from clown fish, jacks and sharks, to the great barracuda. A slow, patient approach with good buoyancy is necessary - especially for the new Kids Scuba divers - to really understand this unique experience and appreciate marine life.

They slowly descend from shore to a depth of 3m to 5m to view the lively and beautiful corals in protected Sabah Parks – and for the first time - to scuba dive alongside schools of fish. As they turn around, they catch a glimpse of a black tip shark swimming past. They dive and pass through the schools of “Jacks” in the thousands and later notice a huge school of barracuda circling near in the shallow waters.

One can imagine the length of each healthy barracuda swimming by - as long as 3 to 4ft - following their leader in circles.  Excited at being so close to these sea creatures, they dive slowly over a group of clown fish hiding among the soft corals, buffeted by the sea current. Shortly, they see a group of parrotfish feeding on coral.

Near Sipadan Island, the Kids Scuba group managed 2 dives per day to a max depth of 5 meters, between which they seemed to do nothing but dive, play on the beach and squeeze in a quick lunch before going for their second dive.  During the surface interval time, a special graduation was held by the instructors for 3 boys, - Syamil Addin, 10, Syamil Imran and Syamil Irfan, both 9 - as they had qualified as PADI “Master” Seal Team Members, the highest level in the PADI Seal Team program. It was truly a proud moment for the family and parents.

On the way back to Mabul Island in the late afternoon - after all the fun and adventure dives - everyone was exhausted and did nothing but relax on the boat.

kids scuba master seal team member“Service and professionalism is up there with best dive trip organized by Borneo Divers Team and undoubtedly the most well planned trip by the organizer of the Kids Scuba Team”, said Dr. Khamsiah Muda, one of the parents accompanying her three sons Syamil Addin - 10, Syamil Imran - 9 and Syamil Irfan – 9, on the trip.

Even the non-divers were not forgotten. Snorkeling or just lazing around kept everybody occupied. Mabul and Sipadan Island, Sabah are perfectly good destinations for families with kids and teens who want to get away for a few days from the hectic city life. However, as the control of the quota of divers and snorkelers visiting the islands is now conserving the marine environment, less stress on the reef is becoming more evident.

As quoted from one of the parents - Mr Khoo with his two sons, -

“My 2 sons, Aloysius -10 and Alexander -12 truly enjoyed themselves at the Camp. It was their first experience diving in the open water and Syed and his Kids Scuba team ensured that they were well taken care off.  The Camp not only taught them diving skills but also taught them about underwater marine conservation and more importantly strengthened the bond between father and sons. They also made new friends and can't wait for the next Camp. As Aloysius exclaimed - "Daddy, I feel like I am in a huge aquarium!!" -  Thank you Kids Scuba.

PADI Instructor and Director of Kids Scuba, Syed Abd Rahman concludes,   “The serene setting of Mabul Island with a truly fantastic sunset - brings another perfect day to an end. The hardest thing about Mabul and Sipadan Island during Kids Scuba Camp is when we have to leave.  All too soon it is time to return home, leaving what is truly one of the world’s greatest scuba diving spots and the perfect marine educational experience.”



KIDS SCUBA - PADI Youth Diver Education Award Dive Center

Kids Scuba Camp Mabul, Sipadan 2012

kids preparing for a diveIt all started when the three Boys, Syamil Addin - 10, Syamil Irfan -9 and Syamil Imran - 9 old took up the PADI Seal Team Kids Scuba course in November 2011.  They started with the Five Aqua mission pool training session on every Saturday with Kids Scuba at the Maybank Training academy swimming pool in Bangi, 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

Once they have completed the five pool aqua mission session where they were trained on the scuba skills very much similar to the adult program, they then continued further with the Aqua mission specialties in the pool which includes underwater Navigation, underwater photography where they can take photos of their friends underwater and learn about safety  and discipline on scuba.

During the recent Kids Scuba Camp Mabul Sipadan held in Mabul Sipadan, Sabah from 07 - 11 December 2012 all the three adventurous boys was officially graduated as a PADI “Master” Seal Team members after successfully completing 15 Aqua mission specialties  in 2012 . It was truly a proud moment for the family and parents for the three adventurous boys  from Kids Scuba are able to achieve the highest level in the PADI scuba course for kids.



Kids Scuba Camp Pulau Payar Langkawi 2012: Graduates two cute PADI “Master” Seal Team

It all started when Ms. Amni Marsha and Ms. Najwa Amni, both 8 years old took up the PADI Seal Team Kids Scuba course in November 2011.  They started with the Five Aqua mission pool training session on every Saturday with Kids Scuba at the Maybank Training academy swimming pool in Bangi, 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

Once they have completed the five pool aqua mission session where they were trained on the scuba skills very much similar to the adult program, they then continued further with the Aqua mission specialties in the pool which includes underwater Navigation, underwater photography where they can take photos of their friends underwater and learn about safety  and discipline on scuba.

During the recent Kids Scuba Camp held in Pulau Payar Marine Park Langkawi Island from August 23 – 26, 2012. Amni Marsha and Najwa Amni both 9 years old now was officially graduated as a PADI “Master” Seal Team after successfully completing 15 Aqua mission specialties from January – July 2012. It was truly a proud moment for the family and parents for the two cute little girls from Kids Scuba to achieve the highest level in the PADI scuba course for kids.

The highlight of the event was when  15 students of Kids Scuba from the little cute PADI Seal Team, Junior Open Water and Open Water Students gathered in front of the East Marine Holidays dive center office located at the Royal Langkawi Yacht club. We were joyfully greeted and briefed by Ms. Jenny Cheah and Mr. Danny Lim, Instructor and a director of East Marine before the departure to the Pulau Payar Marine Park for the dive session.

Boarding the East Marine speed boat, the kids enjoyed the scenic view of the Langkawi yacht club Marina and its surrounding islands with their families and parents on their side. Arriving on the Pulau Payar Marine Park after a 40 minute ride, the kids were partnered with their respective Instructors and dive masters to 2: 1 ratio. The kids were given a special briefing by their Instructors to identify reef and tropical coral fishes like Moorish idol, Butterfly fish, schools Garuopas and Sargent Major at the Marine Park.

While the parents and families enjoyed the snorkeling activities, the little Kids Scuba & PADI Seal Team students were taken to dive from the marine park jetty platform to perform their shallow dive with instructors. Underwater, the kids get to personally identify the reef fishes and were brought to a clownfish colony where they get to see various species of Clownfish in their natural environment.

For some of the students, this was their first time coming face to face in their shallow scuba dive expedition to meet with the real life version of the beloved animated clown fish "Nemo". It was their memorable first, so powerful that its motivation will last them a lifetime. They kids and teens were excited that they rushed directly to their parents after the dive to tell their parents with full excitement what they saw. The gleam and smile in their faces explains it all. 

The lovely kids perform their shallow boat dive from 3 - 5 meters to the house reef of the marine park and dived underneath the marine park jetty to observe the friendly resident giant garoupa called “Toby” under very careful and watchful eyes of experienced Instructors from East Marine and Kids Scuba.

Kids scuba camp was a natural progression for the Kids Scuba program founded and organized by Syed Abd Rahman, Director and Scuba Educator of Kids Scuba, a school with a program specially designed for kids aged 8 to teenagers. Kids Scuba carries most of the kids sizes scuba equipment’s in Malaysia which was specially imported. During the recent Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE)  2012, Kids Scuba received the PADI Youth Education Diver Education Award from Mr Danny Dwyer, Director of Marketing from PADI Asia Pacific based in Sydney. Kids Scuba provides and conducts the PADI Seal Team Dive courses for kids, Jr. Open Water course, and Open water, Advanced, Rescue and Dive Master Courses.

The children and teens of this camp were all “graduates” from the Kids Scuba program which started in 2004. They had sat through a briefing and kids courses tailored to their age where information was explained in relation to their everyday life. This helped facilitate understanding and practice. On top of that, the kids were presented to a video presentation about underwater scuba skills followed by a regular educational talk on Marine environment and conservation from Project Aware and Ocean for Youths.

For the success of the Langkawi Scuba Camp 2012, Kids Scuba would like to thank East Marine Holidays, Tourism Malaysia, PADI Asia Pacific, Malaysia Scuba Diving Association (MSDA), A & L- Adventure & Leisure Sdn Bhd, Nestle Malaysia, and GeoPark Hotel Langkawi for the special assistance to the kids and families.

The next Kids Scuba Camp for 2012 will be held in Mabul/ Sipadan Island Sabah from 07 – 11 December 2012, the 5d/4n scuba camp will be held at Borneo Divers Mabul Resort, for families interested please email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



PADI Award

In recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the Youth Diver Education, Kids Scuba received an award from PADI Asia Pacific on 7th July 2012 during Malaysia International Dive Exhibition (MIDE) held at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The Award was presented by Mr Danny Dwyer, Director of Marketing, PADI Asia Pacific Office, Sydney Australia.



Special annual scuba activities, Diving at Night in a swimming pool

Kids Scuba had their Annual Night Dive on Saturday, August 04, 2012. The event was held at the Maybank Training academy swimming pool, Bangi, 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. The Night Dive was attended by 15 of Kids Scuba, PADI Seal Team kids and Junior Open water students. In the program, the kids watched an educational video on night dive procedure and followed by briefing by Kids Scuba Divemasters on Night Diving equipments. The kids and teens were grouped into 5 teams with their Dive leaders and later scuba dive at about 30 minutes in the swimming pool environment under a watchful eyes of qualified instructors and Divemasters from Kids Scuba. The Night Dive is part of the PADI Seal Team Aquamission speciality training for the kids and teens in a swimming pool environment. There was a special graduation to one of the PADI Seal Team students, Ms Nethiasri Poobalan for qualifying to be a PADI Seal Team Member.



Sea Turtle Research Program at Kids Scuba Camp Mabul 2011

During this School Holidays, we just completed a wonderful Sea Turtle Research Program @ Kids Scuba Camp Mabul/Sipadan 2011. We would appreciate if you could feature the above special Marine Educational camp which was held at Borneo Divers Mabul Resort from 02 - 06 December 2011 to be published in your esteemed Magazine or Publication. This year's camp emphasizes on Sea Turtle Research with Turtle tagging process which was headed by Dr Puspha of University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). There was also a special Marine Education Talk and education on Turtles research in Malaysia by Dr Puspha to all camp participants. We attached herewith the Article for your review with the the photos during the camp.

Bahasa Malaysia: Download it here

English: Download it here



Kids Scuba Camp Dec 2011 - Mabul Sipadan

We are pleased to inform that our Award Winning Kids Scuba Camp - Mabul Sipadan would be from 2 to 6 December, 2011 and we will be staying and diving with Borneo Mabul Resort.

Our camp fee is ex Tawau. To register, please use our registration form for Mabul Sipadan Camp 2 - 6 Dec 2011 and for your reference, we have the Program Itinerary for the trip.

This upcoming Scuba Camp will be a Marine Educational Camp, where University Malaysia Sabah's (UMS) Turtle Research Team will be giving a talk and presentation to all camp's participants about Turtle Tagging processes used in research purposes. This will be an interesting subject and to all kids scuba campers, do not miss this Special Talk Event!

There will also be plenty of exciting programs with lots of Diving Equipments and Books as Prizes during the nightly pop quiz.

Interested! Join us by, completing and returning to us the registration form via email or fax to +603 5191 8005 together with your flight details. If you are arriving in Tawau a day earlier, do let us know the name of your hotel that you are staying in and we will arrange the transportation to pick you up.

Please contact us if you need further information & hope to see you and your family at Mabul.

Lets enjoy and Go Diving at Sipadan, Si Amil and Mantabuan Island.



PADI Seal Team Kids at Official Opening of MIDE Dive Exhibition 2011

After the official opening speech by the Deputy Minister of Tourism (Malaysia) YB Dato Dr James Dawos Mamit, a delightful group of 10 PADI Seal Team lovely kids members from KIDS SCUBA in Kuala Lumpur recited the PADI “C.O.D.E” pledge followed by an explosion of colorful confetti.

Padi Seal TeamKIDS SCUBA is the largest training centre for children from 8 to12 y.o in Asia and has a membership of over 500 kids. Kids Scuba Camps are held 3 times a year at Redang-, Tioman-, Mataking and Mabul Islands. Recently they opened a successful branch in Denmark. At the MIDE show in Kuala Lumpur KIDS SCUBA Malaysia has been officially appointed a PADI Dive Center facility.

PADI Seal Team’s Master Scuba Instructor Adrian Van Dooren, a New Zealander with over 25 years as a PADI member stated that the rationale behind concentrating on teaching Scuba diving to children is that it instills at a very young age to be a responsible diver, obeying orders, looking after your buddy and team spirit, but most importantly it gives an awareness of our environment by looking after and protecting our marine environment.

The underlying message to all the young and up-coming PADI Instructors is not to ignore the youngsters. Look after the little ones and the big ones will follow.

You have a huge untapped market at your finger tips. The Founder and Director of KIDS SCUBA Malaysia, Mr Syed Abd. Rahman said that he is proud to have PADI on board and do look forward to a prosperous future as an organization specializing with the Scuba courses for the younger generation.



Kids Scuba Denmark

We have just Launched Kids Scuba Denmark on August 22, 2010, It is the First Scuba Rangers Kids Club in the Nordic Region, Denmark, Sweden & Norway, Headed by Mr Nick J Visser, a SSI Scuba Rangers Instructor.

Read more: Download Media Release

Special Education on Marine Life & Coral Reef

Kids Scuba – “Underwater Adventure for Kids” will conduct a Special education talk on Marine life and coral reef conservation awareness program. This is a community based program for kids age 8 to teenagers and families. The program will be held on the Third Sunday of every month from 10.00 – 11.30 am at Kids Scuba Dive Center, Putra Heights, USJ - Subang Jaya. There will be interactive program on Coral Reefs, Education on Marine Life and Quizzes for the kids.

For details, call Nadia at +6019 382 6705 or +603 5191 8005 or send us an email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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