Equipments You Should Have

For you to enjoy and have more fun underwater, and be the best Kids Scuba Team member, you should own at least a mask, snorkel and fins designed for your size and age. A good fit for kid's snorkeling system will make you dive like a fish. You will stay nice and comfortable on the pool if you also have a wetsuit on.








You need a mask to see underwater, as light behaves differently in water than in air, and your eyes focus according to how light behaves in air. The mask creates an air space so your eyes can focus.




Lets you rest or swim with your face in water, like when you are looking for something below, without wasting tank air. With snorkels, splashing waves would not get into your mouth when the sea surface gets choppy and, if you run low on air away from boat or shore,it makes it easier to swim back, again resting with your face in the water.







BCD is an expandable bladder that you can inflate or deflate to regulate your buoyancy. Inflating the BCD can be done orally, using air from your lungs, though most of the time you will use a 'low pressure inflator', which inflates the BCD with air directly from your tank. To decrease buoyancy, you deflate the BCD through a hose or valve.





The regulator makes it possible to use the air in your tank . It reduces the scuba tank's high pressure air to match the surrounding water pressure, and it delivers air only on demand, when you inhale.





Fins provide a large surface area so your powerful leg muscles move you through the water. This is much effective than swimming with your arms.



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